For your safety, please make sure to complete the following:

❑ All people, pets, fish aquariums and live plants must be removed from the structure.

❑ All items for human consumption must be removed from from the structure or be double bagged in the Nylofume bags prior to the fumigation. These items include: food, drinks and medications. Food inside refrigerators and freezers must also be double bagged in the Nylofume bags.

❑ All cabinets, drawers, closets and interior doors must be open. Leave blinds, drapes and attic vents open, as well.

❑ Remove all waterproof mattresses and pillows with waterproof covers.

❑ All electronics must be unplugged.

❑ All pilot lights must be extinguished. These items include: hot water heaters, ranges, ovens, broilers, dryers, automatic lighting systems and gas refrigerators.

❑ Shut off automatic switch controls for appliances and lighting systems that will be included in the space to be fumigated.

❑ All obstructive articles, such as antenna guide wires, satellite dishes or weather vanes, must be removed. The company will not be responsible for changes in television reception after the fumigation is completed.

❑ Retract all awnings.


Electricity must be available, as it is required to run the fans during the fumigation process. The Bug Solution will make arrangements with The Gas Company to turn off the gas at the main gas meter. The property owner will need to make arrangements to have the gas service restored.

We recommend cutting back shrubbery and tree branches to prevent damage. Please allow enough space for the tarps to fall freely to the ground. Tree limbs growing over the roof must be trimmed back. In addition, thoroughly water the ground around shrubs and plants adjacent to the structure.

The company will exercise special care during the fumigation process and will not be responsible for broken roof tiles, rain gutters, solar heaters, foliage or any other inadvertent damage caused by properly performed procedures. When adhesive fumigation tape must be used for sealing, the fumigation company will not be responsible for paint or plaster damages when the tape is removed.

The law requires that all structures be locked during a fumigation. In addition, all structures shall have a secondary lock on all exterior doors during the fumigation. It is very important that you make key arrangements with the company representative conducting the fumigation. During the fumigation and aeration process, the company will not be held responsible for vandalism, theft or breaking and entering.

Please notify The Bug Solution prior to fumigation if any conduits, tunnels, pathways, etc. are connecting the structure being fumigated to any other structure.


The fumigated structure must not be reentered until it has been cleared for reentry by the licensed fumigator.