The botanical oil blend in EcoSMART’s pesticides attack neuro-receptors that are specific to pests. This neuro-receptor is the key neurotransmitter that regulates insect movement, behavior and metabolism. The blockage of the receptor activity delivers a quick knock down while killing a wide variety of household pests. EcoSMART’s blends of natural plant oils are every bit as effective as synthetic chemicals. Most importantly, there are no known pest resistant to EcoSMART’s active ingredients.

EcoPCO & EcoExempt.

EcoPCO products provide the same benefits as conventional pesticides in terms of efficacy (knockdown/kill and residual protection), ease-of-use, application costs and fragrance (unscented), but with the benefits of a botanical active. EcoEXEMPT “Minimum-Risk” products are versatile products that are exempt from Federal registration and are USDA National Organic Program (NOP) compliant. The performance and application costs are comparable to conventional pesticides, and have a pleasant botanical fragrance.


EcoSMART products are 100% safe for use around children and pets and provide residual protection for your home and family. Their proprietary botanical oil blends are effective against a wide variety of pest including cockroaches, ants, dust mites, flies, wasps, spiders, crickets, and fleas. As an added benefit, the botanical oils target a receptor site that is not existent in mammals.


EcoSMART products are not only comparable to conventional products in effectiveness, but also in price. Switching your existing pest control services to eco-friendly is a snap, with no hidden fees or charges. Ask your Bug Solution inspector about making the switch today.